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Whakawa Mai

The Catholic Parish of New Plymouth was formally amalgamated on the 6th September 2015, with the combining of four previous independently run parishes, into one new unified Catholic Parish of New Plymouth - Te Parihi Katorika ki Ngamotu.

The Catholic Parish of New Plymouth - Te Parihi Katorika ki Ngamotu encompasses two Catholic colleges and three Catholic primary schools and the vibrant and active faith community in North Taranaki. 

It is our goal to support all people in our communities and spread the Gospel values as Jesus taught us to do.

Our parish has many active groups to appeal to a wide range of people, to find out which ones may suit you and your family head to our group's page.

For information on our Sacramental programmes head to our Sacraments page.

Ministry Team

Leadership Team

The role of the Leadership Team is to provide governance, leadership and pastoral planning.  The group encourages and supports the Ministry Teams involved in pre-sacramental catechesis, adult formation, finance, administration, faith community formation and life, and outreach to the poor and vulnerable.

They meet monthly and set priorities, critique/evaluate how the parish is doing in these areas.

  • Martin Chamberlain (Chairperson)
  • Simon Story (Parish Priest)
  • Vui Hoang (Assistant Priest)
  • Margaret Mora (Minute taker)
  • Mary-Elizabeth Hagenson
  • Judy Hau
  • Kevin Kerr
  • Albert Chow
  • John Passmore
  • Alex McDougall
  • Paul Bouterey

[email protected]

Finance Committee

Members are personally invited to the Finance Committee, by the Parish Priest.  The role of the Finance Committee is to ensure good stewardship is followed in the following areas;  income and expenditure, maintenance, forward planning, insurance, budgeting, reporting and compliance are adhered to.

Contact Chairperson
Colin Comber 027 249 2864

BUDGET 2021/2022

Interim Finance Report for 2020-21

  • Colin Comber Chairperson 
  • Chris Wells 
  • Fr. Vui Hoang
  • Fr. Simon Story (Parish Priest)
  • Marian Richardson
  • Denise Fleming
  • Michael Finnigan
  • Jacinta Hurley
  • Alton Gondipon


Liturgy Committee

The role of the Liturgy Committee is to provide liturgical and musical oversight across the whole Parish.  The Liturgy committee is the contact point for all four faith communities and meets regularly to plan for upcoming liturgies.

Contact Parish Office 

  • Simon Story
  • Catherine Landrigan
  • Claire Hjorring (Minute taker)
  • Helen Chitty
  • Tom Lawn
  • Jun Quirante
  • Vui Hoang
  • Alex McDougall
  • Song Selection Committee Member

Health, Safety and Wellness Committee

Providing support and implementing policies on Health and Safety throughout the Parish.

Contact Chairperson  
Grant Novak 027 488 8229

  • Grant Novak (Chairperson)
  • Michael Finnigan
  • Greg Brien
  • John Sutcliffe
  • Denise Fleming
  • John Passmore

Building Committee

Providing support and advice to the Leadership Team in all matters of parish property and maintenance.

For enquiries

Denise Fleming 027 7573600

  • Chris Wells 
  • Craig Maclean
  • Grant Novak
  • Simon Story
  • Colin Comber
  • Denise Fleming (Office Manager)

Parish Centre Steering Committee

Working to develop a design with the architect for the new Parish Centre.

The Committee will present the design to the parish at the AGM 1st May 2022 and implement the plan to finance the new build.

  • Colin Comber (Chairperson)
  • Fr Simon (Parish Priest)
  • Fr Vui (Assistant Priest)
  • Denise Fleming (Office Manager)
  • Chris Wells
  • Craig Maclean
  • Jacinta Hurley
  • Michael Finnigan
  • Albert Chow

Youth Consultors

Kaitohutohu Rangatahi

Providing support and advice to the Youth Ministry.  

Contact Rain Forrest - Youth Minister 027 7573612


  • Paul Darbyshire
  • Christina Hermanns
  • Michelle Schaare
  • Mary-Elizabeth Hagenson
  • Father Vui Hoang